Winston's family fell in love with him the moment they saw his picture. Over the many weeks he was in rescue getting medical care, his prospective family tracked his progress, drew pictures and sent him good wishes on a regular basis. Finally, the day came when he was feeling well enough for a five hour journey HOME. No one could have imagined Winston's delight when he discovered that he would have two young girls to call his own! Have a happy life Freckle Foot!


ADOPTED- Honey finally has her forever home after much love and care from her US rescue friends.


This little cutie came in from the province of Quebec. Cookie was quickly scooped up by one of our pre approved adopters and she adores her little Boston Terrier buddy Charlotte. Her new momma is spoiling her rotten. Exactly what she deserves. Have a great life Cookie


A true rags to riches story. Bentley went from being scheduled to be euthanized in Manitoba, to flying into Toronto and landing in the lap of luxury with his new little poodle girlfriend Lolita. Happy Beginnings little man.


At 8 months old Sugar found herself in need of a new home. Her preaaproved adopter spend months trying to find a good fit for her boy Rigbee, after he lost his beloved doggy companion to kidney failure. When Rigbee met Sugar, he wagged his tail furiously and said, "yes, yes, this is the one." We are so happy for everyone!


IMAGINE....she slept on the dirt floor of a shelter for weeks, dumped by her owner. She was in pain and couldn't see clearly. She had no idea what was happening around her. We needed to CREATE a network of people who would help us save her. A network of extraordinary people, who did extraordinary things to bring this girl to a place where she will LIVE out the rest of her days knowing LOVE. Thank you is not enough but I am positive that Teagan will carry each of you with her as she continues on the next part of her journey.


Our senior girl Charlotte was dropped at a shelter at the age of 10+. Deaf and sore, she must have been very confused and depressed. That all changed suddenly when she met the charming and handsome 9 yr. old Herbie, who fell head over paws in love the moment he met her. She will be loved, spoiled and taken care now forever by her adopted family and Herbie will ensure his queen is snuggled and kissed on a daily basis.


Lacie was dropped at the Toronto Humane Society after having had a few litters. She was sick with an infection and had sore itchy skin. She was so frightened at first that she didn't allow anyone to come near her. That all changed in a matter of days and she blossomed into the nicest, sweetest little lap dog ever. She liked to lounge in bed, watch TV and hang out with her chicken friends. It wasn't long before she found the perfect family and the forever love she deserved. Have a happy life angel!


HAPPEI ENDING!! Dakota (the husky mix) and the very handsome Shepherd boy Seth couldn't contain themselves when they heard the news that Little Caesar was going to be their new baby brother. It took about ten photo's to try and get one that didn't have Dakota with her tongue in Mom & Dad's ear to thank them. We didn't succeed on that count. Sadly, they all lost their favourite little 16 month old Shar Pei-Zeus to cancer recently and even though they were heartbroken, they were still willing to share their love and home with another wrinkle boy. A huge thank you to his foster mom who did such a great job of helping to build Caesar's confidence with positive reinforcement clicker training. When he was picked up for his meet and greet, she had packed his little suitcase because she said he's so wonderful, I know they will want to keep him. Even in the middle of her mid term exams and her tears, she made sure he had his favourite things with him.


Angus is a chocolate male shar pei and a Paws R Us Survivor.

We estimate his age at about 18 months. Although he is shy of people at first, he gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and lets everyone pet him. Give him an ear rub and you'll get your hands licked. Angus is a people pleaser and wants nothing more than to be loved. He's always afraid of being hit so he watches you approach with this fear in his eyes but if you reassure him verbally, the little piggy tail wags and he comes over to you. He's outgrown puppy antics but has this exuberance to him which make him irresistable. He doesn't know what to do with toys nor does he know what purpose the big cushion dog bed serves. He's learning everything as he goes, such as a Christmas tree is prickly! He's very resourceful and figures things out quickly. He would benefit from obedience training.

Angus is good looking and knows it. He loves checking himself out in the mirror! He is fascinated by his reflection in windows, etc. Wherever he goes, he turns heads.

He likes car rides and appreciates getting out to meet people. He is good with other dogs but doesn't do cats.

He loves his walks. Vaccinations are up to date.

Angus is one of those dogs that is going to be an integral part of your life. The family who takes him in are going to get a loving loyal boy who will participate in all family activities if you let him

Angus has found her forever home!


Sweet, beautiful, blue young girl ready for new home.

She's getting some badly needed TLC at the moment and we expect her to look fabulous in the next little while. She is very calm, sweet and kind.

All entropian issues repaired and ready to go.

Sweetie has found her forever home!


Simba is a happy 2/5 year old male cream Shar-pei.
He was given up by his owners when they couldn't afford him anymore.
He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations and house broken.

Simba has found his forever home!

This rescue dog is sponsored by Hannah Reisman


Ralph is just the cutest guy.
He appears to be a Shar-Pei Basset Hound cross.
He was surrended to the shelter when his owner passed away and the family couldn't keep him anymore.
He is about 3 years old, neutered and up to date on vaccinations.
He is housebroken and seems to be a very easy keeper. He loves to play with balls, toys and bones.
Great with kids although he hasn't been tested yet with kids under 8. Lie on the floor and he will roll right into you to cuddle.
Ralph will get along with other dogs if the introduction is done right but he seems a little too curious about cats.
If you can provide Ralphy with a home that will last forever fill out an adoption application today

Ralph has found his forever home!

This rescue dog is sponsored by Hannah Reisman


Toby is a happy healthy 2 1/2 year old neutered boy. He suffered a very serious break to his femur which required his leg to be amputated. His owners were not willing to deal with it so they relinquished him to Rescue. Toby has done amazingly well since his surgery. He keeps up with all the other dogs in his foster home. He is fully vaccinated and knows his basic commands. Toby would do better in a quieter environment. He gets along great with female dogs but is a bit iffy with the boys. Toby will tug on your heartstrings and your shirtsleeves. Toby has found his forever home!


This 6 years old , fawn, horse coat male that was an owner surrender. The couple is separating. Token has found his forever home!


Seymore is a happy friendly guy who was a stray and found himself homeless at an anilmal shelter. He is now in a loving foster home awaiting his special family. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. Seymore has found his happy home.


Colby would like nothing better than to warm up under the tree with a home of his own for Christmas.  Colby is about 5 years old with lots of love to give. He'd rather not give the love to cats or other large male dogs. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. If you think you could provide the perfect home for Colby please fill out an adoption application and send it in.



Gracie has written Santa Paws, and only has one wish for the holidays: a forever home to call her very own after more then 4 months being homeless. Gracie is a beautiful black and tan shar pei mix (she is of the bone mouthed or traditional kind probably mixed with a Rotti) who is a real sweet heart.  

She came into animal control in the worst condition. With the help of the kennel and a volunteer - we were able to get Gracie back in shape.

Gracie came into foster care through LOYAL and surprised everyone with her obedience training and what a respectful house guest she is. She knows sit, shake paw, and asks for permission to join you on the couch. She is wonderful in the house on her own and is happy to hang out by herself, sleep on her bed and wait until the work day is over to do her business and eat. she's very low maintenance and is good in a house or apartment.

Gracie absolutely thinks the world of everyone she meets. She is known for her purple tongue kisses and her enjoyment of belly rubs.

Even though she is a mix, she is looking for a home that understands shar pei's or Chinese breeds. She needs a home that will understand that shar pei's have special skin issues that will need monitored; like grain free food and having her skin monitored.

She is a beautiful dog - people around the world have literally pitched in for her care. You can follow her story but the pictures are graphic -  www.latejulyphotography.blogspot.com   

When she came in she had a skin infection, yeast on her body and allergies. All of which have cleared up nicely!

Her ideal home is a quiet one who enjoys going for walks. Gracie is a people dog - meaning she much rather be around people then other animals (she's a bit of princess at times.) She'd probably do better in a mature home, with a single or couple who just want a companion dog and doesn't need for her to go to dog parks. She is very respectful and utterly charming, she will shake your paw in no time! Gracie is in her new forever home.

Buddy was surrendered by his owner at the Animal Shelter with a blunt force trauma to his left eye. He is happy sweet and friendly and only 5 months old. This fawn horsecoat boy is now looking for a new home that will last forever. Buddy is in his forever home.


Babel is a HANDSOME, neutered male and is micro- chipped.  He is 5 years old... but acts like a pup. He gets along with other dogs. Is fully vetted and up to date on shots. He is obedient, knows basic commands, sit stay, paw, and down. He would do best with someone who will keep up with his training.
Babel does not do cats. Comes with all his clothes, leashes and other accessories. Babel is in his forever home.


Honey has been waiting a long time to be able to look for her forever home.  In a caring foster home in Northern Quebec Honey had to wait for the perfect opportunity to head south. She is approximately 1 1/2 years old.  She is spayed, up to date on shots and housebroken.
She does well with kids and other dogs but cats are probably out.  Honey is now in her forever home!


Panda is a cuddly black brush coat spayed female who will be 9 years old December 18th. She is microchipped and tattooed. She sleeps most of the day and has the occasional playful spirt maybe once a day. She loves to lick your hand, feet or any bare skin, particularly after her dinner. She gets along with most dogs, but has to be watched at first as she likes to dominate. She has lived with another Shar Pei (Bear) for the past 3 years and had to be separated when no one home. Panda likes to chase cats and has been seriously hurt trying to catch one, not sure what she would do if she actually caught one. She is obedient (most of the time) and walks well on leash but needs to be kept focussed. She has lived longer than expected so is looking for that special someone to take care of her in her twilight year(s). She has a bad case of separation anxiety and some medical issues. She cannot be crated. She no longer requires any vaccines other than rabies, which are up to date and not due again until 2010. Panda comes with everything she needs, including a fleece coat & booties for the winter (she doesn't have an undercoat and gets cold quite quickly). Panda is a bit of a delicate flower - will only 'sit' if there is a soft carpet, no hard floors will do - she can sometimes be picky about her food & will not eat if stressed - does not like to get her feet wet, but will go do her business in the rain and then right back in the house - and, she doesn't like deep snow, you need to shovel a path in the backyard in the winter for her. The home most suited for her would be where someone is home most of the time, she just wants to be with you and loves going for car rides and walks. It is breaking her mommies heart that she has to be given up in the latter part of her life, but there just is not any other way.  Panda has found her forever home!


Bear is a lively 3 1/2 year old cream brush coat neutered male. He had a rough start in life and the first 6 months of his life are unknown, but over the past 3 years he has become a very sweet lovable boy. He's full of energy, loves to play and run around the backyard chasing squirrels, rabbits and even birds. He seems indifferent to cats, but has only lived with another dog. He is quite the comic and when playing with you, head butts the floor and flips over on his back, loves his belly rubbed. He behaves himself when home alone, loves car rides and lots of treats. He gets along with other dogs, just wants to play. Has lived with another SharPei (Panda), who didn't always like to play - he learned quickly when to leave her alone. Bear knows the basic commands, not great with the "come" command, needs more training, particularly walking on leash. He is very food motivated and learns quickly. Bear comes with all his necessities as well as lots of toys. He loves the stuffed toys best, but sometimes rips them apart in seconds flat. He's an absolute joy to have around.  Bear has found his forever  home.

Meet Wasabi

Wasabi  is a smaller Shar-Pei male at just under 40lb.  Wasabi is  4-5 years old, neutered, up-to-date on his shots.   He is very calm, sweet, affectionate and willing to please.  And he is so CUTE. He gets along and loves everybody: dogs, cats, kids. Wasabi has excellent house manners, follows commands, learned to use the doggie door on his own, and in general is as perfect as a dog can be. Wasabi has found his forever home!

Meet Anka


Turns out that not only did this girl’s name originate from Sweden (Anka is Swedish for Anna) but her personality must have also.  She is as sweet and easy to love as Swedish chocolate.
Although very thin, Anka has obviously been a pampered pet that was loved and cared for formerly.  One can only wonder what resulted in her being so underweight.  She loves people and is happiest when she is snuggled on the couch with those she loves.  Anka is cat and dog friendly and is learning that playing with four legged friends can be just as fun as playing with her two legged friends.
Anka is petite in stature and has impeccable house manners.  She is calm, patient, loving and eager to please. Anka is (2) yrs. old, HW (-), current on vaccinations, spayed and with the proper nutrition will soon be back to her proper body weight. Anka has found her forever home.

Meet Prestige

Petite, precious, and persistent best describe our Prestige!  This Shar-Pei did not have time to wait for someone to rescue her so she took matters into her own “paws” and delivered herself to what she judged to be a safe house where she kept her distance in their yard for days until she could fully determine that they were trustworthy.  Prestige’s instincts proved to be true.  The homeowners contacted NASPR and kept Prestige safe and fed until we were able to secure transport for her.
Prestige is as cute as a button at less than 30 lbs.  She is approximately (2) years old.  She has been spayed, is current on vaccination and is HW (-).  Now all Prestige needs is someone that she can trust to provide her with the life she deserves, a family that she can reward their love, kindness and care with her loyalty and affection. A home where she can be the precious princess she was meant to be.  Prestige has found her forever home.


Braxton is an extremely sweet @ 3 year old cream horsecoat male who is looking only to love and to be loved.
His favorite hobbies include playing with all his canine and non-canine friends, going on walks, and playing with his stuffies. He is a perfect Shar-Pei gentleman who is a little shy at first, but warms up very fast. He is a joy to be around and will even use the dog door to go to the bathroom every time like a good little boy should. Braxton has found his forever home.


Cash and Tango are two brothers who were found running loose together. Their owner was contacted and he doesn't want them anymore. They are approx one year old.

Practically babies. They are both very friendly and happy and seem good with other dogs. They are both neutered and up to date on shots. These handsome boys love each other so it would be great if they could find their forever home together.

Cash and Tango have found their forever homes!



Ziggy is a happy sweet mature boy. He is approx 10 years young. He was found exhausted lying in a ditch near Chatham with blisters on his feet from running. No one bothered to try and claim this poor guy. His is housebroken, neutered and gets along with passive female dogs. Ziggy has found his forever home.


Sonya is a happy healthy pup. At 10 months old she has good house manners and is learning basic commands. She is spayed and up to date on all shots and she has found her new home!


Comet is a 3 yr old easy going, laid back type of guy who enjoys a good gallop once in awhile, but prefers laying at your feet, giving kisses.  He enjoys a good chew bone and a quiet place to munch down.  Comet is crate trained, but prefers not to be in the crate when his people are home. He will dance in the crate to let you know he has to go and un-crated he will get your attention and go to the door. He would be easily trained to a doggy door. Comet plays well with others including cats. Comet has found his forever home.


This beautiful 2 year old, neutered male is Herbie, yes as in " the love bug ".  Herbie would make a wonderful family pet for any household.  He is house broken, walks like a gentlemen on lead, gets along very well with friendly dogs, no matter what size. Herbie has impeccable house manners and loves to be with his family members.
How this boy came to be on the streets and alone only he knows, and he's not talking.  Herbie was a beloved family pet at one time, and soon is again now!


Trudy is looking for that spot to call home that will afford her the opportunity to complete her lifetime in a leisurely manner.  This beautiful sable lady is a brush coat, 50 (+) lbs., spayed and vaccinated.  She is house trained, crates nicely, walks on lead and has good enough house manners that her foster mom says she does not need to be crated. 

She is a reserved, mature adult that loves to play with her toys and people, tolerates other dogs, but would prefer not having the “high energy” puppy for her playmate.  Trudy hasn’t let life’s hardship taint her happy disposition.  She loves being close to people and shows her gratitude with snuggles, kisses and smiles.  Trudy has found her forever home.


Hi there!  My name is Gumbo.  Now you might think that is a funny name for a handsome manly fellow like me.  Well let me tell you my story.  A few months back I went for an unsupervised stroll and ended up lost.  Some nice people took care of me for a little while but couldn't keep me forever and even though they tried to find my people they could not.  So I was brought to the local animal shelter.  They told them they had been calling me Duke (we'll get to the Gumbo part in a minute).  I spent the Christmas holidays all alone in this place.  Thankfully these nice people from NASPR were called and they came and got me.  I was brought to the doctors office to make sure I was in tip top condition after my incarceration and the doctor said I am in excellent health.  They guessed my age to be approx. 2 years old.  I'm a lean, muscular guy weighing in at 45 lbs.  Oh, and they said I had been "altered".  I sure hope that doesn't mean I'm less than perfect.  It must not because the doctor said I was an excellent boarder.  I never messed up my room and I never barked.  They said that somebody had taken really good care of me before I got lost and that I had been living inside - well isn't that funny?  Where else would you live?  Anyway, here's where we get to the Gumbo part.  The NASPR volunteer came to visit me at the doctors and she said my color reminded her of a bowl of Gumbo sprinkled with filet (I think she must have been hungry at the time).  Any dog savvy person would know my official coloring is called "Sable".  Anyway, now she calls me Duke of Gumbo - something about February and Mardi Gras.  Now aren't these some silly names for a guy like me?   There is a really nice NASPR person who visits me with her little girl.  We have so much fun when she comes.  We run and run.  Everybody says that makes me "kid friendly".  Gumbo has been adopted.


Hi, my name is Larue. I am a 3-year-old fawn female. I came to NASPR after caring animal control officers called them to help after taking me from my owner because she was not providing proper care.  I was scared and confused with my two very young puppies to care for and no one to care for us.  Thanks to NASPR, my babies are in loving forever homes and will never know what it's like to be hungry and in need of care.  I love attention and when I get excited, my tails wags so fast, my entire body wags with it! But I also know when its time to be calm and rest. I have a goofy personality and I will go out of my way to make you smile and laugh. I can sit on command and am house trained. I love chewing on dog toys and treats but I know that furniture and shoes are off limits. I don't mind taking trips in the car. I will often curl up on the seat next to you and fall asleep. I do have some anxiety when left alone but I am trying hard to work through that and understand I no longer need to worry.   Larue has found his forever home.


Here is a photo of Isis. She is spayed, and is clean in her pen. She can NOT be trusted with small animals. She is young. Isis had a litter of pups on Thanksgiving weekend and they have all been adopted. I think she could go to a home with another dog, if it was the right dog (not small).  She has found her forever home.


These well behaved little ladies are calm and  COMPLETELY potty trained.   They can use a dog door or will stay in their crate/run without accidents until you return from work and let them out. They are dog friendly and love to entertain you with their comical play. They are fully vetted, current on vaccines, HW negative and looking for that family that will guarantee they will NEVER ends up in a situation like the one they came from.
These little girls deserve a lifetime of the security of love and caring that they were denied in the beginning…and if you are the family that will afford them that, they will reward you with years of love, devotion and loyalty.
Babe and Penelope have bothe found their forever homes.


What a good boy this young one is. Poppi is a one year  old horsecoat male that was given up by his owner when she moved. It's so sad for Poppi that his owner didn't understand that dogs are a lifetime commitment but NASPR stepped in to insure this puppy finds a loving forever home that will be forever committed to him.  Poppi loves to jump and play but always knows when enough is enough. He's such a good boy and is housetrained. He gets along well with other dogs but has not met cats yet.  Poppi has found his forever home!


This is Ripper and Pupper. Ripper is the bigger one.  These boys were taken in to animal control in terrible condition. They were full of worms and malnourished.Now, at 10 weeks they are doing great and ready to have a loving forever home. This adorable pair have found their new homes.


Angelle is a happy, even tempered and easy going girl.  She is content to be wherever you are and enjoys your companionship.  She has not exhibited any negative behaviours, no chewing or accidents in the house.  She is learning the virtue's of crate training, and is becoming more comfortable with her time in her crate.  Angelle walks on lead quietly along side you, although I have not seen any formal commands that she recalls. 
No longer can we see every bone in her body, she's put on 10lbs since being rescued and looks absolutely wonderful.   She is neither dog or cat agressive, she is well behaved and personable with strangers.  This darling girl, has the most precious freckles on her muzzle, and her eyes sparkle with delight when you talk to her. Angelle
has found a loving home!


I came from very humble beginnings, but I refuse to let that hold me down. At @ 2-3 yrs old, I am a petite girl (around 35 pounds) and all  love, heart and kisses. I am a little possessive of my bedding and food bowl – but only with other dogs. My foster mom thinks this is because I have never had these things to call my own – until now. I get along great with all my siblings, both 2 and 4-legged. I love to snuggle with you or just sit in your lap. I have a velvet fawn horse coat and a very gentle nature. I am not a young puppy, but when allowed, I will run, jump and play like one most all the time. I am learning all my house manners and basic commands. I am having no problems with that. I get a little stubborn, as Pei’s can, but tell me again and I respond. Clara has found her forever home.


Shasta is a sweet 5 year old female. Loves people and gets along well with cats.  Shasta's owner is ill and cannot provide her with the attention and walks she loves.  Shasta would do well in a house or an apartment.  Shasta has now found her forever home.


Padi Tai is a handsome 2 year old horsecoat.  He came into rescue with no hair and very itchy skin.  He was simply allergic to the food he was on.  He is now on food he loves and has a 5 o'clock shadow.  Padi is dripping with wrinkles.  He has a problem with his knees and may require surgery down the road.  Padi is a very quiet laid back guy.  He gets along with other dogs and kids.  Padi is up to date on all his shots and is now in his forever home.

These pups were born here after their mom was taken pregnant from the Maine Rescue situation.  They have all been placed in their forever homes!


Bilox (Billie) is a two year old Blue horsecoat from the Maine Rescue.  Although she came in pregnant and scared, within a few days she was happy sweet and loving.  She craves attention.  She is great with  other dogs and loves cats.  We are really happy to say that she has found her forever home!


Runtie Lee is a 5 year old, spayed, red fawn brushcoat.  She is happy, sweet and playful.  Likes kids, other dogs and cats.  At some time in the past Runtie was in a bad fight.  It seems no one tended to her wounds and her face has quite a few scars and she is missing a toe.  Runtie has found a wonderful home with someone to give her lots of hugs and kisses.


Minot is a sweet 2 year old who gave birth one week after coming into rescue.  Her pups are now older and have been adopted.   She is a happy friendly blue horse coat.  Gets along well with other dogs and kids.  She hasn't been tested yet but we're sure she would like cats as well.  Minot has found her forever home!


Shimmer, Patty and Lizzy are pups that were born here after their mom Minot was pulled, pregnant from the puppymill in Maine.  Here they are now 5 weeks old.  They are happy sweet and love to give kisses.  They are being raised around kids.  We are happy to report that all three are now in their forever homes!





Wrinkles is a handsome Black horsecoat.  He is neutered and up-to-date on all shots.  Wrinkles is a hard to place boy who would do best with a man as his primary caregiver.  He is sweet but needs structure and guidance.  He will not be placed with kids, cats or other dogs as he doesn't have patience for them.  Wrinkles has found his special home!


Skipper is a 6 month old puppy and is part of the Maine Rescue. Since arriving he has become a happy outgoing little guy. He gets along well with other dogs and would probably adjust to cats easily. Skipper is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.  Don't you just love his smiling face?  Skipper is in his new forever home!


Peitoo is a happy 3 year old fawn horsecoat. He is part of the Maine Rescue. He is a loyal sweet guy. He would make someone a great buddy. Peitoo is neutered and up to date on all shots.  Peitoo is now in his forever home!



Fred is a 6 week old red fawn brushcoat.  He came from the Maine Rescue at 3 weeks old.  He is a normal happy friendly puppy.  Fred has found his new home!


Buck is a handsome 5 year old male who was given up by his family along with his buddy Wrinkles.  Their dad is in Iraq and the rest of the family couldn't care for them anymore.  He is a quiet laid back guy who loves to give kisses.  Buck is crate trained and house broken.  He is neutered and up to date on all shots.  Buck has found his forever home!


Pugsly is a wonderful six month old girl who came from the Maine Rescues.  She is  happy and sweet.  She gets along well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats.  She is spayed and fully vaccinated and has found her forever home!


Ovni (which means UFO in French!) is a very sweet dog.  He is super friendly with people and other dogs, around 1 year old. Ovni has found his forever home! 


Sweetie. She is an 8 year old female who has found a wonderful quiet new home. Her owner, who was a long time breeder, passed away in July. Although she was taken in to retire by another breeder, she was not happy in such a busy household. She is sweet and loving and happy to be in her new home!


Selina is approx. 5 year old black short brushcoat. She has had quite a bad time but is now doing very well. She is very sweet and loves to play and go for walks. Selina is now in her forever home!



This is Tyson. He is about 1 year old male fawn horsecoat. He was rescued from an animal shelter where is owner dropped him off saying he couldn't afford him. 

Tyson is now in his forever home!


Dutchess was found Alliston. It is now known that she was on the loose for over 2 months. She has a very sweet nature but is very scared. It will take lots of time and love to get her confidence back. She has Cherry Eye in both eyes which must be corrected. She also has to be spayed. Dutchess has found her forever home!

Casper is an Apricot dilute. About 5 years old. She spent many months at the Humane Society trying to get better. Since she has come into rescue she has been diagnosed as having a severe thyroid problem. It took about three weeks but many of her symptoms have greatly improved. She does need to be on thyroid medication the rest of her life. She has a slight tilt to her head and is mostly blind. We are not sure if that will ever get better. She is happy and friendly and is starting to play. Casper has found her forever home!

Sarah is a 4 years old spayed red fawn brush coat female. She's an active dog who loves to play.
She gets along well with kids and other dogs, She's a very sweet dog who loves people.

Sara has found her forever home!


Dolly was found walking down the street like she had somewhere to go. She is about 4 or 5 years old. Dolly is happy, sweet and friendly. She has freckles, a big personality and always has a smile on her face. She has found her new home!



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